Free boilers for pensioners

Free boilers for pensioners

Do you live in one of the estimated 2.5 million UK homes that is eligible for a free boiler? If you are a pensioner you might be.

The government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) requires the big energy companies to make a contribution towards energy-saving measures for their customers — and if you receive pension credit you automatically qualify for ECO money.

Even if you don’t receive pension credit you could still qualify for a grant if you get working tax credit and are aged over 60.

And if you are on a low income and get a pension premium, higher pension premium or an enhanced pension premium you could also be eligible for a slice of the ECO-cake.

If you are 60-plus investigate ECO…

Whatever your circumstances, if you own your own home, or rent from a private landlord, and are aged over 60 it is certainly worth investigating what you might get under ECO. After all, as we get older and find ourselves on a limited income, an unplanned expense like a new boiler can be a big financial knock, can’t it?

gas-elec’s boilers4life

And if you aren’t eligible for ECO money and your boiler has packed in, you still don’t have to find the money for a new one in one fell swoop.

Under gas-elec’s boilers4life scheme you can get a brand new boiler with free parts and a labour warranty from as little as £11.95 a month. Provided, please note, you get an annual safety check – which you should be doing anyway!



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